Discarded sanitary ware products can be remade into ceramic tiles


Apr. 25, 2021 - According to a recent announcement by the American ceramic tile company Crossville, this company recycled 4,939,251 pounds (2,240.4 tons) of waste ceramic products in 2020, including 779,880 pounds (about 353.7 tons) of waste ceramic toilets from TOTO. Since the launch of the recycling of waste ceramic products in 2019, the company has recycled more than 6,3049.3 tons of waste ceramic products.


According to Crossville, through cooperation with TOTO, Crossville received ceramic toilets that did not meet quality standards. Before the cooperation, these discarded toilets and ceramic residues were transported to the landfill for disposal, but they have now been recycled and reused to make new ceramic tiles.


The recycling and reuse of large household products such as ceramic sanitary ware products and furniture has always been a major problem. As an important sanitary ceramic production base in China, in order to eliminate the increase in waste ceramics, Chaozhou has established a place to dispose of waste ceramics. The waste ceramics are crushed into fine particles, ground into porcelain powder, and reused in ceramic production. At present, the processing capacity of the recycled ceramic raw material plant reaches nearly 2,000 tons per month.


According to reports, Chaozhou has built 5 waste ceramic disposal sites and 4 resource recycling centers. The disposal capacity of waste ceramics has been able to meet demand.

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