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Potash feldspar

Whiteness:≥60; Particle size:200 mesh; Shrinkage ratio:1%-10%; Moistur...

Al2O3:10%-13%; CaO:0.1%-0.3%; Fe2O3:0.01%-0.05%; K2O:4%-5%; MgO:0.01%-...

Tangshan Juqing Ceramic Materials Co.,Ltd 333.0 Tons $148.00/Ton Order

Whiteness:90-95; Particle size:325 mesh; Appearance:White powder;

Al2O3:0.01%-0.1%; CaO:30%-35%; Fe2O3:0.01%-0.10%; MgO:20%-25%; SiO2:2%...

Tangshan Juqing Ceramic Materials Co.,Ltd 977.0 Tons $84.00/Ton Order
Kaolin(Suzhou clay)

Whiteness:80-85; Dry strength:15kgf/cm2; Particle size:Granular; Dens...

Al2O3:37%-38%; CaO:0.01%-0.03%; CaO+MgO:<0.4%; Fe2O3:≤0.1%; Fe2O3+TiO2

Tangshan Juqing Ceramic Materials Co.,Ltd 975.0 Tons $298.00/Ton Order

Whiteness:90-95; Particle size:325 mesh;

Al2O3:0.5%-0.7%; CaO:40%-45%; Fe2O3:<0.1%; MgO:0.1%-0.3%; SiO2:45%-50%...

Tangshan Juqing Ceramic Materials Co.,Ltd 1000.0 Tons $164.00/Ton Order

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