V7.1.0 2022-04-19 Application module 1

1. The original iteration was renamed Technical Support and increased viewing restrictions
2. New information verification function, only background users can view through the account password.
3. Add in-site data statistics functions, and show data sources and details
4. New platform data visualization function, which generates column and line charts based on platform data, allows you to browse the data content intuitively.
5. Adjust version content statistics rules to improve data management.

V7.0.4 2022-02-28 Application module 1

Platform new friendship link function

Y7.0.3 2022-02-22

Loading graphics clues optimization

V7.0.2 2021-12-31 Application module 2

1.Upgrade version Iteration function

2.Optimized module recording function

V7.0.1 2021-12-29

1.New Service plan Added functions annually

2.Optimize service plan detail data statistics

3.Optimized data dictionary

V7.0.0 2021-12-17

1.New supply information section

2.Set up the supply information list and details page

3.Set up the function of adding supply information

4.Set up the supply information retrieval page

5.Optimize the trading center data display effect

6.New cooperation consulting data statistics function

7.Added url adding function

V6.3.0 2021-11-30 Application module 3

1. Adjust version record statistics rules to filter by medium and large versions
2. New version content keyword search function, which can search based on iteration content.
3. New version of visual display of statistical history.

Y6.2.4 2021-11-10

Color uniformity optimization, ensure product consistency

Y6.2.3 2021-10-29

1. The title of home page, suppliers, buyers and other columns is not unified with the content level on the right, so it is unified.
2. The titles of the eight modules at the bottom of the home page are not aligned horizontally with the more on the right
3. Select Add effect under analysis column. The overall background color of a new single piece of data has no effect at present, which affects the viewing effect of users
4. The date and content of the list under the news > column are not aligned horizontally
5. The date and content of the list under the metings column are not aligned horizontally
6. The date and content of the list under the analysis column are not aligned horizontally

Y6.2.2 2021-10-28

1. The size of the home page picture is modified, and the picture size is changed to fixed size and scaled proportionally (except the logo)
2. The picture size of product display list is changed to fixed size and scaled proportionally
3. The message list picture size is changed to fixed size and scaled proportionally
4. For product display details, the size of the bottom part of the main drawing is changed to fixed size and scaled proportionally

Y6.2.0 2021-10-25

The editor framework optimization

V6.1.11 2021-09-30 Application module 1

1、Add version level selection
2、Add external network blocking function

Y6.1.9 2021-09-30

All kinds of list is empty increase the no content pages

Y6.1.8 2021-09-27

Input box selected effect strengthening optimization, clear the current input, enhance the user experience

V6.1.7 2021-08-27

1 Purchasers list, keyword search criteria function adjustment
2 Supplier and purchaser columns, more pages to add the corresponding search function
3 User exhibition hall, product display list, according to the price search, retain the search content
4 Adjust home page - product display price search function
5 In the exhibition hall of ordinary users, the whole column will be hidden when there is no data in the product display column of bidding procurement column
6 After the background contact information of a user is deleted, the occupied mailbox is released and other users can add the mailbox
7 Change the foreground phone number to email and separate the keywords with commas
8 Large background image upload location offers suggestions for sizes and sizes, including: Advertising management conference dynamic Enterprise dynamic Industry dynamic

V6.1.6 2021-08-13 Application module 1

1 Version iteration data is displayed in reverse order according to launch time
2 Mission systems are synchronized to a version iteration at the bottom of the platform
3 Task types are synchronized only in the iterative optimization category and data collection in the data management category
4 During synchronization, the task identifier before the version number is as follows: The default version number for iteration is V+, the default version number for optimization is Y+, and the default version number for data collection is S+

V6.1.5 2021-08-12

1 Large background dictionary management - Add unit field to customs level 2 classification, set the corresponding units of different categories
2 Big background data statistics - Add data, delete the quantity unit in the imported module, and change it to match the corresponding unit according to the secondary classification
3 In the line chart and table of customs data display at the front desk, the unit is fixed as kilogram, and the display unit is updated according to classification
4 Customs data download form, according to the different units, the table header is updated
5 Single enterprise - Paid Management - Add, add a third level of classification for selected services
6 Single enterprise - Paid management changes the selected service column from one level to the last level of content display
7 Internal management - service management. The service selected in the search item is changed from the first class to the third class
8 Add the Chinese company name column after the company name in the service management list. The selected service column changes from the first level to the last level

Y6.1.4 2021-07-30

Optimize user exhibits list without content, improved user experience

V6.1.3 2021-07-21

1. Advertising pictures on distribution map show clearly and could be clicked to link its company website;
2. Checking company information on distributioin may without loging in;
3. Making a notice when added the same company name on distribution map;
4. Company name with special symbol could be added successfully;
5. E-Newsletter function improved;
6. Sender of system mail changed to member@linkceram.com.

V6.1.2 2021-07-09 Application module 2

Functions for customers tracking record improved, more ways of contacts could be chosen for tracking record.

V6.1.1 2021-06-24

Upgrading download fuctions of statistics

V6.1.0 2021-06-18

E-Newsletter could be shown on the website

V6.0.0 2021-06-17

1. E-Newsletter contents contain company news, market analysis, statistics, recommend suppliers and advertising;

2. Contents of E-Newsletter are linked to corresponding pages of each item on the website of www.linkceram.com;

3. View market analysis  through the entrance of E-Newsletter without loging in;

4. Subscribe E-Newsletter should submit company name, contact name, email, phone; Unsubscribe E-Newsletter should submit company name and email;

5. Add E-Newsletter management function contains contents management, contacts management, send management, subscribe management;

6. Contens management contains "add" "edit" "preview" function and could show volume and release time of E-Newsletter;

7. Contacts management contains "edit" "search" function and could show company name, contacts, email;

8. Step of sending E-Newsletter, select volume--subject of email--edit description of email--select contacts list--send email;

9. Subscribe information and unsubscribe information could be deleted in subscribe management.

V5.5.0 2021-05-31

Upgrading background fuctions 

V5.4.1 2021-05-19

Increasing fuctions of products favorites

V5.4.0 2021-05-18

Upgrading classified dictionary of custom statistics

V5.3.2 2021-05-13

Increasing categories of company

V5.3.1 2021-04-30

Once the link is clicked, the results will be shown on a new page

V5.3.0 2021-04-27

Strengthen background management function

V5.2.0 2021-04-14

Upgrading fuctions of log in between Chinese and English platforms.

V5.1.1 2021-03-15

Repare known functions to improve users' experience

V5.1.0 2021-01-21

Change order of products categories.

V5.0.0 2021-01-20

Upgrading VIP members exhibition hall which could show project cases, honor, online inquiry.

V4.0.0 2021-01-15

1. Entrance of “Distribution Map” added on homepage;

2. "Distribution map" has two parts: world map and advertising space;

3. Location on the world map shows company's information and could be zoomed in and out;

4. Company information includes company name, contact name, contact number, address;

5. Type-in product keywords and company name for seraching company;

6. Click APPLY NOW and submit company name, contact name, contacts to the background;

7. “Distribution Map” added "switch " "add" "delete" "edit" function , can be switched in turn;

8. Manage company information and advertising in "Distribution Map".

V3.0.0 2020-11-10

1. Add functions of advertisement management; 

2. Add auditing fuctions of posting advertisement;

3. Search and connect with paid companies, advertisements are associated with database;

4. Locations and sizes of advertisements could be selected;

5. Rules of advertising placeholer figure;

6. Add statistics function of advertisement;

7. Advertisement Rules of uploading, clicks, out of date.

V2.0.0 2020-11-07

1. Orders management divided into two parts , orders products show and orders procurement auction;
2. When admin accounts delete contacts, make sure its sub-account has completed transaction;
3. When admin accounts delete its sub-account's contacts, sub-account rights are invalid;
4. When contacts of admin accounts changed, the contacts showing on the new order changed together;
5. Change company logo size;
6. Type-in "0" in quantity and unit price is not available when post products.

V1.0.0 2020-10-30

Link Ceramics officially launched.

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