CCCMC Chairman Jiang Hui meets with Georgia ambassador to China Archil Kalandia


On April 29, 2021, CCCMC Chairman Jiang Hui met with visiting Georgian ambassador to China Archil Kalandia and his delegation. The two sides had in-depth discussions and exchanges on promoting trade exchanges and strengthening cooperation between the two countries in the metals, minerals and chemicals industry.

Ambassador Archil Kalandia introduced the relevant situation of Georgia. Since the signing of the FTA in 2018, bilateral trade between Georgia and China have gradually increased and cooperation has occurred in many fields. Georgia is located in the important position of the middle corridor of the “Belt and Road”, and the first country to sign the “Belt and Road” memorandum of understanding. In 2020, Georgia ranked seventh among 190 countries in the world in terms of trade facilitation, which could be compared with Singapore and Switzerland; in terms of economic freedom, Georgia ranks 12th among 190 countries in the world, and it is a country with great potential. Dr. Archil Kalandia provided the information of the related cooperation project, hoping to find more valuable cooperation opportunities in infrastructure, energy, minerals and other fields, and establish a win-win cooperation relationship.

Jiang Hui welcomed the visit of ambassador Archil Kalandia, saying that CCCMC has been committed to promoting economic and trade exchanges between the two countries, and is willing to give full play to the advantages of the industry, recommend Georgia's high-quality projects to Chinese enterprises through various channels, and invite Mr. ambassador to promote the cooperation projects at the economic and trade forums, and the annual conference of CCCMC,  among the excellent member enterprises of CCCMC. He said, we hope to strengthen cooperation between the two sides, give full play to our advantages, carry out exchanges and jointly promote trade exchanges between the two countries in metals, minerals and chemicals industry.

Senior Counsellor of Georgia Embassy in China Tornike Mnatobishvili, First Secretary Shota Abuladze, CCCMC Liaison Department Director Yin Liyong, Liaison Department Wang Dan, CCCMC Petrochem Department Director Zhang Airong, CCCMC Mineral Products Department Director Chen Mingliang and CCCMC Development Department Deputy Director Li Tiantian attended the meeting.

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