TOTO 50 years later, the new kiln has been invested again


Jun. 13, 2022 - This month, TOTO launched the first new kiln after the production of Northern Kyushu, Kyushu, Japan, and was previously a brick kiln that was previously built. It is reported that this is a fibrous kiln that can be quickly adjusted. Compared with the brick kiln, the fiber kiln uses less gas, and the amount of carbon dioxide emissions is reduced by about 40%.


The difference between the fiber kiln and the brick kiln lies in the internal silicate fiber cotton material. Its advantages are that heat is easy to convective in the kiln, and it is useful to solve the problem of small brick kiln heat and difficulty in temperature control.


If you can quickly rise and cool down, the kiln can be stopped on weekends, which will change the work method of employees. The disadvantage of the brick kiln is that once the flame is off, it takes time to restart and heat up, and the past maintenance personnel have to go to work on weekends.


It is reported that the new kiln will be fully put into production in August, and the brick kiln that is put into production in 1971 is expected to be discontinued in the same month. TOTO introduced a fiber kiln in the Nakinjin Factory in Daipo Prefecture, Japan and the Ziga Factory in Naga Prefecture. The height of the kilning of the first factory of Okakura is 1.5 meters, which is mainly used for small batch production.


After consulting the professional person for the kiln, it showed that the fiber kiln replaced the original brick kiln, which was different from the heat of the kiln's livestock when the kiln was warmed up, and the heat was fast. Aluminum silicate fiber cotton built a kiln instead of bricks. Due to the less heat storage of fibrous cotton cotton, the temperature is fast. The furnace structure is not much different. The characteristics of fiber kiln are fibrous cotton cotton, so the original material can also be replaced with fiber cotton inside the shuttle kiln and roller kiln.

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