Kohler plans to move some brass production lines to southern United States or India


Jun. 3, 2022 - According to Timtayloe, president of UAW LOCAL 833, the number of employees working in the local brass department of Kohler in Wisconsin may decrease by the end of this year.


Taylor said in an interview in the morning on Wednesday (May 25) that Kohler contacted the union on Thursday (May 19) to discuss about the transfer of about one -third of the work of the brass department to And to formulate details with local negotiation. Taylor said that the current collective negotiation agreement has regulations to guide such negotiations so that unions and companies can work together and "get all vacant positions so that people can transition to these positions when needed."


Taylor said that there are many vacant positions in Kohler now. They are looking for workers to fill the continuous workers' shortage, but he added "this is a bit difficult for Kohler. You know, the layoffs are like this. In 60 days, they gave up the last job to come to Kohler, and then happened. These people may face the danger of losing work or being replaced by other employees of the company. This is the problem we want to solve. Those who are affected can engage in other tasks. I mean these people are loyal to Kohler. When such things happen, this will affect their family and the entire community. "


Taylor said that of the 350-400 people who currently work in the Costler BOC, about 100 jobs are considering reorganization, but after completing the plan at the end of this year, this number may change.


A positive aspect is that, in view of the shortage of the entire labor market, he hopes that it will not be difficult to find new positions among those unemployed. He said that now, he and the local 833 others "are busy collecting a list for our union members and trying to get any information we can get there so as people can move and continue to work in Kohler."

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