GBC Advanced Materials- New Ceramics for Amazing Projects


At GBC Advanced Materials, we are a precision ceramics and glass component manufacturer.

Our precision glass and ceramic parts are used in electronics and computer peripherals, medical equipment, aerospace, communications, sensors and analytical equipment, automotive applications, and more. Our goal is achieving excellence in the field of advanced ceramics, starting with high precision, durable parts and following through to dedicated customer service, a culture of continuous improvement, and on-time, on-budget delivery.

Our expertise is precision ceramics, our goal is to provide the solution you need for your next project, today. Each year, we continue to add services, such as Hard and Soft Conventional and CNC Grinding, as well as Lapping and Polishing.  We leverage long-standing relationships with other Ceramics providers and certified specialty vendors to meet all of your needs, including Metalizing, Plating, and Brazing.

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