RAK Ceramics is investing in a second line in Ras Al Khaimah.


Jun. 13, 2022 -Two Sacmi PH8200 presses complete with moulds supplied by Sacmi Molds&Dies are due to be shipped to RAK Ceramics (UAE) by the end of the summer as part of the upgrade to the MC2 plant in Ras Al Khaimah. The presses will be installed on a new line for the production of medium and large-format glazed porcelain tiles in sizes from 60x60 cm to 120x120 cm and their sub-multiples and slabs as large as 100x100 cm and 90x180 cm.


The high-tonnage presses chosen by the UAE-based group stand out for their reliability, productivity, optimised consumption and power, and the highest levels of process precision and repeatability in handling large sizes.


The advanced digital controls on the PH8200 ensure levels of efficiency that are simply unattainable on a conventional high-tonnage press, while Sacmi’s exclusive SPE proportional electronic ejector allows for trouble-free ejection of even the largest slabs by maximising performance and repeatability.


This investment enables RAK Ceramics to complete its large-format production capacity. This latest plant will be the second line installed in the Emirates for the production of this kind of product following the start-up of the Continua+ line, which has been operating successfully at the company’s main plant for a number of years.

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