There are no sanitary ware factories in Kazakhstan


Aug. 11, 2021 - According to local statistics, Kazakhstan's domestic production of building materials is 586 billion tenge (8.88 billion yuan), and the import value is 348 billion tenge (5.27 billion yuan).

The current market demand for basic building materials in Kazakhstan is 934 billion tenge (14.16 billion yuan). Local enterprises production value is 586 billion tenge (8.88 billion yuan) and import value is 348 billion tenge (5.27 billion yuan.

In order to meet market demand, Kazakhstan plans to launch 8 import substitution projects this year, and plans to produce five types of building materials including glass, polyethylene pipes, dry mixes, accessories, and ceramic tiles. The output is expected to reach 103 billion tenge. It plans to produce building materials such as insulation materials, ceramic refractory bricks, and sanitary wares. The output value is expected to be 61 billion tenge.

The types of local building materials are mainly concentrated in 24 categories such as reinforced concrete products, dry mixes, waterproofing, wallpaper, sanitary ware, wall blocks, insulation bricks, special-shaped panels, and plastic pipes. The existing local production capacity has been covered with 10 types of products including reinforced concrete products, varnish coatings, ceramic bricks, silicate bricks, cellular concrete blocks, and glass.

For the 11 categories of insulation materials, special-shaped plates, and plastic pipes, local enterprises can only provide 50% of the supply. For the three categories of waterproof, wallpaper, and sanitary ware, the local production capacity is 0. Local sanitary ware mainly depends on import. According to statistics, from 2016 to 2020, Kazakhstan’s imports of sanitary ware (6910) were respectively 20.979 million US dollars, 24.264 million US dollars, 25.738 million US dollars, 26.669 million US dollars, and 29.683 million US dollars. Kazakhstan’s sanitary wares are mainly imported from China. From 2018 to 2020, China's exports of sanitary ceramics (6910) to Kazakhstan were US dollars 24.19 million, US dollars 25.93 million and US dollars 33.42 million respectively.

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