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Kaolin(Suzhou clay)

Physical Index: Whiteness:80-85; Dry strength:15kgf/cm2; Particle size:Granular; Density:2.6-2.8g/cm3; Loss on ignition (LOI):<0.5%; Shrinkage ratio:10%-11%; Moisture:15%-20%; Appearance:White; Coefficient of water absorption:0.1%-0.3%; Oil absorption:40-45;
Chemical Specs: Al2O3:37%-38%; CaO:0.01%-0.03%; CaO+MgO:<0.4%; Fe2O3:≤0.1%; Fe2O3+TiO2:<1.0%; K2O:0.01%-0.1%; K2O+Na2O:<4.0%; MgO:0.01%-0.05%; Na2O:0.01%-0.05%; SiO2:43%-45%; TiO2:0.01%-0.1%; IL:≤0.1%; Moisture:10%-15%; PH:4~6; Loss on ignition (LOI):<0.3%;
Origin: China Hebei Tangshan
Price Term: FOB
Quantity: 975.0 Tons
Unit Price: $298.00 / Ton
The quantity can't exceed maximum stock (Max Stock = 975.0)
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