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Origin: China Hebei Tangshan
Price Term: FOB
Quantity: 1.0 Piece
Unit Price: $1,270,000.00 / Piece

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This is a full-automatic one piece water closet high pressure casting workstation adopting rim and core-body separate casting technology, improves systems flexibility, shortens systems running time, casting cycle is about 20-25 minutes every time, adopting robot slip auto-painting and sticking technology to truly realize unmanned and standardized production, reduces casting workers, enhances productivity, stabilizes product quality, the green body casting qualification rate is up to 98%. Combined with six-axis robot and multiple dimensions action mechanism, realizes high pressure casting for complicated and high-end sanitary wares. Based on fieldbus FCS control system, through open and interoperable network to interconnect with every controller and instruments, the control function is thoroughly put down to the field site to save installation cost and maintenance fees.

Main Technical Parameters

Installed power                                                                   30 kw

Actualpower                                                                        6kw

Application of mold                                                              2 sets

Casting cycle                                                                      20~25min

Daily output                                                                       115~145pcs