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Origin: China Hebei Tangshan
Price Term: FOB
Quantity: 1.0 Piece
Unit Price: $170,000.00 / Piece

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This is a wash basin igh pressure casting equipment researched and developed by HEXIANG own technical team, adopted advanced automation control systems and humanized man-machine interface to realize simple operation, casting cycle is about 20-30 minutes, obviously improves work efficiency and lowers labors’ intensity, green body has good outline regularity, saves occupation of land, percent of pass of casting up to 98%. The green body moisture is low, reduces energy for green body drying, boosts products additional value, this machine conforms to sanitary ware casting equipment futuristic development trend.

Main Technical Parameters

Total power                                                     19.55 kw

Application o fmold                                          8-12sets

Casting cycle                                                   20-30min/ cycle

Daily output                                                     384-864pcs